It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend. -Tom Petty


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a real freedom

well, i've just finished my SPM last tuesday and tbh it feels like heavenly good.;D
now im sitting in front of this screen wasting my precious time like i used to just before i sat fer my trials. this wht i called a real freedom. oh god.damn so good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


meet again guys.anyway this is already 4th of raya and it is vividly so late to wish SElamat hari raya! but fundamentally i think its not the matter of time but how heartiest the wishing is,right? so to all bloggers,just want to say sorry for anything that went wrong. srsly from the bottom of my heart. humans are frail and so do i. so happy raya once again and tata!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

breathtaking moment

if just i know how it feels like when its is about time to take the result,i would just absolutely prepare myself for the particular moment.but yet,now tbh tbf i dont even think of sitting the exam.oh damn.S.O.S.can someone just give a hand and get me out of this appalling situation?its not that i dont wanna be ready,but oh spm.can just go away and come again later when i am tightly prepared for u?can u?pls

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


sial minggu ni jer mcm2 berlaku.
isnin awitu kene bce a lame ass sajak depan so many wankers and son of bitch kt malim tuh.selase akue dan bebrape org handai akue diserang oleh seorang pakcik tua tang agk memuki just after we finished our class.tell u what,i dare u zakaria!come here and i'll kill u fuck fuck old trash!then petang selase ade sraingn karaoke.and semalm dapt tau dapt g final 10 so this thurs im going to perform AGAIN in front of all wankers (particularly guyz dude!!)then esok perform laa,jumaat cuty (the single best thing that happens for this entire fuckin week) ari sabtu mandi mande di ulu bendul with the rest of 5berlian,im the only aurumian. chemy students i bet u guys know wht im blabberin abt haha patu awitu ahd ade seminar yang cm babi. end

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


ive finally moved to my grandma's house which is way better for me to really meditate in my studies and so. dont have anything else to say just make this entry so that all the bloggers know that im still here. well back to the story now i own a room just for myself.all alone! if before i need to share the room with my brother but now no longer.
feel a lil better bout that.and more now i learn to stand on my feet (all this while ive been standing on whose?).LOL. so that is just whats in my mind currently. till later.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

pidato piala diraja 2009

changing language;
30 hbulan ni akue akn berngkat ke dewan sekolah menegh tun teja bertuan rumahkan skolah durian daun membawa mauduk pidato yng berbunyi industri asas tani penjana pembangunan negara.hoping for the best supaye dapat menapk di peringkat kebangsaan.
addicted to pidato rly!

tgh study stle pidato di melihat gelagat2 si pemidato spontan dr wakil mckk dan mtd tp ade sorng dr wakil kolej mane i dont remember rly amazed me!
hehe.but i got my own style

Friday, April 17, 2009


generally school is the place where we SHOULD gain as much knowledge as we can.
but poorly nowadays everybody's shocked by the turn of the event.but im is now the place where everyone can show off with what they got.fucking fashionable school bag?(can we call it school bag anyway?)fucking technology featured handphones?or maybe the hair?should i describe any top it all,school is not JUST the place where we can gain something only by perusing that fuckin lame text book no more,but also the place where goofies,lamers,and scums like me do their job!

but malim is the worst school ive ever been to!


Saturday, April 11, 2009


ive been following af since its very first season. i never missed any of its programme,the concert nor its diaries.but this af7 is really somethin offers us with varities kinda talent that we never had before.akim is one of the student which i believe his bright future in this industry.he had that wonderful tone of voice that anyone else doesnt have.zizi is amazin as well.she offers us with her gigantic energetic perfomance everytime she performs.amazed with her talent,really!such a good dancer as well.conclusively i could say that the TRANSFORMATION of this season has really brought af to a higher level has its own stage.go AF7!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


give us more time!

real exam-1 hour and 15 mins. .

crawling. .

sao-sei lei!

cannot write the proper sentence. ."(

okeh. . tonite ask bindusara to get coupling with me. . "(

publish post. .

Saturday, February 7, 2009

bored like dying!

have u ever feel this way?it makes u feel like dying and so its gonna take forever.for people like me,i always stuck into this kind of dont have any idea how it feels like,bored to death!and that's the reason why i always sit in front of the pc checking my mails,doing enteries for my blog and so on.because i have nothing else better to the bottom line should be fill up your time.dont try to be like me.its not worth it.

azwan ali


Saturday, January 10, 2009

gaza. .GAZA. . gaza. .hm

i am about u?u are?if u are,let us start to do something that beneficial and can help them,though a bit!we're tiny creature.we cant really do something but at least please come and let us show our pathetic to our muslims that suffering currently and our anger to this fuckin bulshit israelis who are abusing our one and true family.can you hold it,concerned dudes?i cant!really!but there is nothing that i can actually do to help them unless with just stay far from this particular country's products!please.i beg all of u!help our family!our friends.and everyone who are suffering.can u stand looking to those innocent lil kids being totured and abused.they are just sinless!then dont even know what are actually happening,but they are now frightening and being intimidated with those gigantic fuckin power of israelis.oh Allah,please do them a this very critical and crucial moment,we just pray and leave it to you. .ALLAH ALMIGHTY. .;(

Saturday, January 3, 2009

school's opening..

so students dude,what do you feel about that lol?radiant?kind of gloom yourself?hold on buddy.rather than just sitting home and watching plenty of unworthy programmes on tv,you should just kick of to school,wanker!meeting back my friends is just the first thing in my list for this school's opening.feeling a little bit jittery is of course,but regardless of that i am still gutsy of taking the spm this particular year.yeah,loads of qualm and worries keep circling my head.but what can i do to avoid it?just nothing!so students society,put on your gadgets and prepare for the biggest war especially for the spm sitters for this year!best of luck!