It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend. -Tom Petty


Saturday, May 15, 2010

when i say..

trying to have a better grasp of why ppl can get so intertwined with FB-ing,and these are the answers that i get from some FB-ers.

1.can get infos.

when i asked what kind of infos that we get get through fb,he said maybe job vacancy. and then im starting to wonder how the hell we're gonna discover job vacancies through FB. maybe there are some,but not much.

2.can get pile of friends.

this answer might be true even when we look from the negative side of it. but what kind of friends?a lifetime friends or just 'touch and go' kind of friends? try to meditate and contemplate my statement and u will start like.."oh ya".."eh,he's right" and list goes on.

actually,there are lots of responses that i got and to be honest only some of the responses which is minor make sense. the rest of them can be categorized as ridiculous answers like trying to look for whores,bitches and so on. huh,too bad for our youngsters.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

engrossed with fb-ing.

what's so great about fb?fer me,it is merely another social web page like myspace,twitter,friendster and all those thingy.just trying to have a better grasp of why ppl can be so engrossed and would be oblivious to things around them whenever they got into fb page. ah,couldnt be bothered also.