It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend. -Tom Petty


Friday, December 26, 2008

dont actually know what to say. . .

dont actually know what to write so i would quite simply focusing on watching movies.particularly english lately somehow had indulged some kind of deep interest on watching more english movies.its damn beneficial to be honest.try not to really absorbed with the story line but you should give more attention on how they speak.this would magnificiently improve your proficiency in english personally admit this.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

FAO izzatie

u should hold the highest post in the organization of my fuckin awful life.u make me happy in any damnful way even me deeply inside of my heart sadly suggest that u are not happy urself.of being with me tbf so grateful of having u and learn that u are the person that i would live and die for.v2.u had been noted in my knowlegde that u would always be in my fuckin lame side,i pledged to change myself.for a better to be honest.i couldnt write any further of feeling that who am i?a goofy who try to impress the queen?a scum who hardly try to amuse the beauty?im duff myself.queen of soultaker.that is what u are.n now u are mine and hoping that it would always be like that in anyhow.;(

what is going to happen?-next crucial year particularly

decline to deny or even to approve of it,me somehow had changed for worse myself.i know myself better than anyone does.this fuckin annoyed particular holiday had become the witness for from the outside seems like to be the best mankind that ever existed in my family.but transparently from the inside of me,i would be the most damn terrible cunt that ever lived in this whole anyway!in knowlegde that i turned into a scum myself,i learned that there is someone who have vowed to live and die for sweet of her.repeatedly said that it's just a waste of being with a duffer like me,she kindly dont even care about it.a load of grateful for it.for her.and for HIM ultimately.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

ive bumped into a gurl??!

dun really sure bout it but yeah it almost half way to be there. .
half way to make it into a relationship~~
musfira 3e. . .hm. . .

the gloomy side of muh life~

dunnoe wat actully happened 4 da past few days. .
but without realizing it,ive actually told them bout my old days..
who am i ?wat ive done?where have i been?
sounds totally weird bcoz i vowed muhself not to tell anybody bout it~
but by the time went by,it happened to be diffrent!!
many people had already noe bout it by now. . . . . . . .

a day after the election~~

ive told u..
obama won successfully!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

who will be the next america's president~~

if i were an american,i'd definitely voted 4 obama~~not becoz he's much younger than that fuckin m'cain but i think what barrack obama was doing would bring america to another level~
change 4 a better~~
ive attended an english program recently at PUSPAM which were organized by the native speaker from america and they seems to give a total support to obama as well,
whether obama or mcain who will be the next pres is not a matter to me anyway~~
luv malaysia!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

at particular point..

i was so sleepy dat i felt like wanna leave behind all that absurd stuff..and get into muy bed!get out of my mind u fuckin thing! my eyes were halfly closed and suddenly i felt like the world started to be disposed. . . . . . .

Friday, October 31, 2008

sounds stupid. .

nway,is there any phone hacker?sounds so odd but mine was hack!!
wat a bullshit thing!when i swicth on muh blutooth,everybody started to get sumthing from me..but i dont even send anything!gud stuff dun mind,but smutty stuff?wtf?S.O.S!

sounds stupid. .

sounds stupid. .

sounds stupid. .

+muh no lykes+

loathes annoying people..get out of muh line u son of bitch!_then loathes gurl who like to squirming around when the boys approach dem_hwa like hell!then loathes so much wankerz but im a wanker meanz i hate muh self!hwa~~then hate pink!aha~~grouse~~loathes stooges~~peh cm babi~~ dun get it y people like to be one!then hate people who hate me...sowe guyz..chw!

Monday, October 27, 2008

muy lykes

lyke purple+red+black_hwa lyke hard-hearted kind of people just lyke muhself~ngee lyke lustful and smutty stuff hahahah dun blame me 4 dat_i was brought up in dat way!lyke to dance hwahaha no matter whut kind of dance~but erm mybe an exception 4 melayu dance!!!hahaha_lemau meh~~then lyke so badly to curse on people n dat is y people are allowed to curse on me!!dirty words_ah,fond2 so much!ngee~~porny things,aha dats a need!then lyke people dat is so much lyke me~~get into muh head u bloody wanker!!hwa~~lyke wacky type of person and people who can get over grief moments~~happy ja k!lyke muh self so2 much~~plez dun hate me..isk2..loads of larf....papai chw!