It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend. -Tom Petty


Thursday, October 28, 2010

i just don't get it why does the same thing happen to me again? why did it occur again? i just don't get it why. why people keep accusing me for the things i don't do? last time was about money. then this time around is about something else. ohh shitt. someone has just accused me damaging her motorcycle. yes, it's a HER! why me, man? yea, true that it was me who has ride her motorcycle the other night but truthfully speaking, it wasn't me who dropped her motorcycle. huhh, i'm reluctant to talk more on this. rather tiring.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


cukup indahh (:

lately i feel like im so into music, instruments and everything, so I decided to upload a few vids of mine playing guitar while singing, hope you guys can leave some comments ! (:

Thursday, October 14, 2010


macam sial doh perangai kau, akue tak pernah curi barang oarang lah sial, mak akue tak pernah ajar akue jadi pencuri, sesedap hanjing jau je nak tuduh2 akue curi duit kau, kau pk akue miskin sangat apa? dah sah orang bodoh tak berpelajaran, memangmacam gitu, cakap tak pernah nak pk dulu, bangang betul, penat sial akue backup kau bila lecturer tanya akue pasal kau, kau mana? asal tak datang kelas? assignment kau mana? dup2 kau tuduh akue macam gini, pehhh, tak terbakar lak akue, tak berdesing lak telinga akue dengar kau suspek akue itu ini, wei hanjing, akue tak hamak lah doh duit kau, kau pk laa, dah 4 bulan kau dok ngan akue pernah akue curik apa2 dari kau? pernah barang kau hilang. hei berasap lak akue tengok muka kau, kalau akue tau la perangai kau macam gini, baek akue tak payah backup kau lah, baek kau kena buang lagi bagus lah hanjing, aman hidup akue kat sini !!

hey you olzzzz..

omg. its been quite a while since i wrote my latest post, so sorry guys! u know, been busy studying and everything, just enrolled in Maktab Perguruan for 3 months, so far everything falls just nice in place, but in future? only god knows. so fundamentally im taking up tesl as u guys already know in my my last post ( the offer letter). the course is not so tough but not so easy either. i would say moderate. but to be tue, im havinh so much fun here. the friends are sizzling and wonderful ! they are like my brothers and sisters here, u know, being away from home kinda make me feel homesick at times, but with their presence, I believe everything is going to be just fine. the lectures are okay so far. its just that some of them tend to brat about their life. (english lecturers, u know haha). there is one lecturer that i put so much respect on her named Mdm Elizabeth. she's teaching us English Studies (literature component). she is the best educator i've ever came across in my entire life. she knows that a job as a knowledge-giver is not only by conveying knowledge to the students but also to mould them to become better individuals. love her so much ! the seniors here are fine except for a few craps whom I shall not mention the names have made my life kinda miserable here. u know, hostel thing. meeting and everything. arggh. holy trash ! but its okay since i know it is part and parcel of hostel life. so on the whole, everything is flowing just according to plan ! (: later guys. XOXO