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Saturday, January 10, 2009

gaza. .GAZA. . gaza. .hm

i am about u?u are?if u are,let us start to do something that beneficial and can help them,though a bit!we're tiny creature.we cant really do something but at least please come and let us show our pathetic to our muslims that suffering currently and our anger to this fuckin bulshit israelis who are abusing our one and true family.can you hold it,concerned dudes?i cant!really!but there is nothing that i can actually do to help them unless with just stay far from this particular country's products!please.i beg all of u!help our family!our friends.and everyone who are suffering.can u stand looking to those innocent lil kids being totured and abused.they are just sinless!then dont even know what are actually happening,but they are now frightening and being intimidated with those gigantic fuckin power of israelis.oh Allah,please do them a this very critical and crucial moment,we just pray and leave it to you. .ALLAH ALMIGHTY. .;(

Saturday, January 3, 2009

school's opening..

so students dude,what do you feel about that lol?radiant?kind of gloom yourself?hold on buddy.rather than just sitting home and watching plenty of unworthy programmes on tv,you should just kick of to school,wanker!meeting back my friends is just the first thing in my list for this school's opening.feeling a little bit jittery is of course,but regardless of that i am still gutsy of taking the spm this particular year.yeah,loads of qualm and worries keep circling my head.but what can i do to avoid it?just nothing!so students society,put on your gadgets and prepare for the biggest war especially for the spm sitters for this year!best of luck!