It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend. -Tom Petty


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Better off this way :)

So I decided to distance myself for a while..

Because being too attached to someone..

Migh hurt me later.


Upcoming Project :)

Alhamdulillah, 'Lepaskan' receives a very warm acceptance amongst our peers and subscribers. Thanks a lot for all the constructive comments and we will definitely improve on all the areas pointed out. Thanks again.

So we are currently working on our next project. A song entitled 'L.U.K'. If you guys want to know what 'L.U.K' stands for, do not forget to subscribe and keep checking out our page every now and then.

I don't wanna be a spoiler telling you the whole concept of this upcoming project so make sure you guys stay tuned and yes, keep supporting our local products!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lirik 'Lepaskan' by Joker Production Crew

Ruang hatiku pernah dipenuhi
Dengan senyuman dan hilai tawamu
Namun kini aku meratapi kehilangan dirimu oh

Ku lepaskan kau jauh dari diriku
Kerna ku tahu dirimu bukan utk ku
Maafkan aku terpaksa aku melupakan kamu
Lepaskan semua kisah kita yang lama

Pernah ku mencoba melupakanmu
Walau ku tahu tak semudah itu
Tapi apakan daya diriku
Dirimu bukan utk ku

Ku coba dan terus mencoba
Sehingga ke akhirnya

Ku lepaskan kau jauh dari diri ku
Kerna ku tahu dirimy bukan utk ku
Maafkan aku terpaksa aku melupakan kamu
Lepaskan semua kisah kita yang lama


Ku lepaskan kau jauh dari diriku
Kerna ku tahu dirimu bukan utk ku
Maafkan aku terpaksa aku melupakan kamu
Lepaskan semua kisah kita yg lama

Hari ini ku berdiri di sini
Melihat kau bahgia di samping dirinya
Aku hanya mampu senyum sendiri
Kerna iti sudah cukup bagi ku..

Penyanyi: Putra Aidil
Lirik: Hafizal Zuhdi
Komposer: Fazri Rahim
Susunan: Joker Production Crew

View OFFICIAL MV 'Lepaskan'

Lepaskan MV by Joker Production Crew

Lepaskan MV is a project of the Joker Production Crew where it took about two months to complete this video. It tells you a story about how a guy survives in the struggle of letting go of someone that he loves. Beautiful MV. The setting was in Fraser's Hill. Subscribe and like Joker Production Crew on Facebook and wait for more mind-blowing stuff from them :) !

Karnival Lipis 2013

So last week afzan comrade was involved with the Karnival Lipis 2013 that was held at dataran lipis, Kuala Lipis, Pahang. There were 17 items all together that were assigned to put up a performance and I was involved with two of items; Speech Choir and Music Rakyat. It was a mind blowing experience and I am utimately grateful that I got the chance to contribute my effort for the carnival.

As for the speech choir, I wrote script as i was the leader for the item. It is definitely something that I fond of because the speech choir was in English. I previously had led a speech choir and became the conductor but bcas this time around, I had to contribute my voice for musik rakyat, so i found it hard to divide my tine between the two. So i appointed Ami to become the conductor and I got into the line-ups as we were actually lacking of men's power. It was really fun, though.

Becoming one of the singers for musik rakyat had really offered me with once in a while experience. I got to sing a few songs and some of them were Sayang Kinabalu and Tanak Kampung. It's been a while since i last performed in front of such a huge crowd and it was something that I would never forget. Here are some photos taken at the carnival :)

After 2 years. Yes, 2 years.

My last post was in 2011. And now we are already in the fourth quarter of 2013. Many things have happened in these past two years. Of course, I won't spill out everything here but just so you know that I would love to start writing in this blog, again. Social websites are created one after another but I think I wanna go back to blogging. I've deleted my twitter account, deactivated my facebook and here I am, quenching my thirst for writing.

I am now in Lipis, Pahang. Doing my degree in Tesl programme. I was kicked out from Iprm and got transferred here. Regardless, that doesn't change my life drastically. But the fact that I met a few amazing people here makes me love this place a lot.

For a beginning, I do not want to write a long, agonizing post because I know nobody's gonna read this. So till we meet again. Salam :)